» Mandy Marx - Welcome To Wonderland - Mind Fuck

Mandy Marx - Welcome To Wonderland - Mind Fuck


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Models: Mandy Marx
Duration: 01:05 min.
Format video: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2048 mb.
Tags: Mandy Marx POV Hypno Hypnotic Mesmerize Mental Domination Hypnosis Mind Fuck Female Supremacy Goddess Worship Pantyhose

What if you were helpless in my dungeon. What would be the perfect thing to coerce you to view, to tease you with, and truly make you wonder if you were sane. Something painfully hot, controlling, and you can’t stop watching. I wanted to create the best mind-bending virtual session. This is a regular 2D clip meant to watch in this scenario. Works in a VR headset (email me for the app recommendation), or on its own. Works exquisitely if you are restrained, but will make you feel restrained and take you away to goonland on its own, very well. A lot of love went into this. Enjoy 65 minutes of the most intense online dominatrix-brainwash session you’ll ever know.

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