» » Countess Stella and Mistress Nemesis - Dual Faceslapping

Countess Stella and Mistress Nemesis - Dual Faceslapping


Сategory: Female Domination
Models: Countess Stella, Mistress Nemesis
Duration: 8 min.
Format video: wmv
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 178 mb.
Tags: Corset High Heels Leather Gloves Hot Dress Blond Hair Countess Stella Classic Femdom Mistress Nemesis Female Domination

Today we've got a phantastic quite difficult faceslapping clip starring sadistic mistresses countes stella and mistress nemesis. Both women hunting absolut sexy completely dressed from head to toe! Since they go into the hall of this mansion they have 2 slaves onto a leash on all fours.

They need to kneel facing the ladies since they want to dish out a fantastic dose of faceslapping now, only for fun and also just for their particular needs. And these girls have a great deal of pleasure when slapping the faces in their sufferers using their leather gloves until they have been red and swollen. We have to tell the truth and clarify they genuinely want to apply faceslappings although each said after this clip that their hands were aching all things considered those slaps.

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